At-Home Massage
and Wellness Coaching

"With such a sedentary job, my neck and shoulders tense up frequently so I always look forward to Erika's visits. She perfectly combines the deep tissue work I need with a relaxing touch and leaves me feeling recharged every time. In a word, blissful."
Bryan Lasseter
Freelance Writer
"Erika was recommended to me by a close friend a couple of years ago. My first experience with her was fantastic and I couldn't stop raving about her... I cannot say enough good things about her work. She made sure to follow all of the prenatal guidelines and really focused on what was ailing me from one week to the next. I attribute the fact that I have such a calm, happy baby to her healing hands. I continue to see Erika and highly recommend her!"
Kendra L.
Project Manager
"I cannot say enough about Erika. She is extremely sensitive to your needs and pains and addresses the problem areas with great knowledge and understanding. I'm so glad I finally found her and will continue to have her massages on a regular basis."
Micky Jansen
Horse Woman